Navasota Street & Utility Rehabilitation Set to Begin

More than 50 streets in Navasota will undergo rehabilitation and maintenance work starting at the end of this month. Construction will officially kick off on the $8 million dollars of work between Navasota’s yearly Street Maintenance Project and the 2020 Bonded Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Street & Utility Rehabilitation.

Navasota’s yearly Street Maintenance Project will involve around 30 streets in the city, totaling almost 4 miles. These streets will receive a new top surface through a process called chip sealing, performed by contractor Knife River. This process will provide a new, smoother surface for vehicles to drive on and extend the life of the road itself. Work on this project will start in early June 2023 with a target completion date to be completed before Halloween.

“We expect to see these crews become a summertime staple in town as the city continues to implement yearly road maintenance projects like this,” said Graduate Civil Engineer, City of Navasota, Jon MacKay.

The 2020 Bonded CIP Street & Utility Rehabilitation Project will begin once school dismisses during the last week of May 2023. This project includes more extensive repairs to streets and will be completed by Kieschnick General Contractors. The project will rebuild parts of 20 streets in the city, with many including water, sewer, and storm drain improvements.

This project itself has around 5 miles of street rehabilitation, 3 miles of new sewer lines, 3 miles of new water lines and will be lengthier as the rehabilitation work is significantly more involved. The city has a target completion date of August 2024, before the school year begins.

The 2020 Bonded CIP Street & Utility Rehabilitation Project will commence in the area around the John C. Webb Elementary School during the summer months and will include Neal Street between Judson and Hillside, all of Moore Street, and all of North Post Oak Street.

“One thing many residents will notice about the streets in this second project is that the utility work will happen far in advance of the paving work,” said Graduate Civil Engineer, City of Navasota, Jon MacKay. “Residents will see contractors digging trenches, doing the utility work, and filling the holes back to the road level without an asphalt top. They may see no further action on their street for several months as more utilities are completed.”

Residents will see contractors generally working between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. during the week, however some weekend work may be necessary.

The city plans to update residents as these two projects progress. For more information relating to these projects, please contact Public Works at (936) 825-6450.

The full list of all streets involved in these projects can be seen below. Also, a map is provided to highlight the areas of those streets to be affected. The yearly Street Maintenance is highlighted in red, and the 2020 Bonded CIP Street & Utility Rehabilitation Project is highlighted in green.


 Yearly Street Maintenance Project

Streets to be Resurfaced:


Ruth Court

Dallas St.

Frazier St.

Ella St.

Don St.

Waco St.

N Railroad St.

Doris St.

Sycamore St.

Smith St.

Wright St.

Grace St.

McNair St.

Chinski St.

Fanthorp St.

Florida St.

Houston St.

Owen St.

N Eight St.

New York St.

Schumacher St.

E Hill St.

N Ninth St.

Texas St.

Ashville St.

Park St.

Second St.

N Jones St.

West Virginia St.

Pierce Road

Cemetery Road

New Cemetery Road



2020 Bonded CIP Street and Utility Rehabilitation Project   Streets to be Rehabilitated:


N. Brosig


S. Duke

Eighth Street


N. Farquhar

W. Foster

E. Hill

W. Hill





N. Post Oak

Sixth Street







Navasota Projects Map