Incorporated in 1866, the City of Navasota operates under a home rule charter and functions under the council-manager form of government. The City Council determines the policies of the local government and enacts local laws necessary for the protection of public health, safety, and welfare. There are five council members who are elected from the city at-large and serve two-year terms. Every year, the City Council elects one of its members to serve as mayor and mayor pro-tem. While the mayor has no veto power, the mayor retains the right to vote on all matters brought before the council.

The Council appoints the City Manager, Legal Counsel, Municipal Judge, and City Secretary. The City Manager serves as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city. The Chief of Police is appointed by the City Manager and reports directly to the City Manager. The city provides a full range of municipal services to support its residents, businesses, and visitors, which include police, fire, public works, planning and zoning, municipal court, parks and recreation, a municipal cemetery and general aviation airport services.  Also, the City manages several parks and trails, a community center, and a swimming pool.  

City services are delivered by 100 budgeted full-time employees. The city’s General Fund budget expenditures total $12.8 million and an adopted 2022 tax rate of $0.5693 per $100 of valuation. As of September 30, 2021, unassigned fund balance of the General Fund was $4.7million, which represents a 53% of total General Fund expenditures.

Mission & Vision
Mission Statement
To guide Navasota's growth in a way that maintains our heritage, culture and uniqueness while maximizing our economic and social development.
Vision Statement
"Navasota 2027: What America wants to be — A beautiful, progressive, vibrant, service-oriented, close-knit community filled with historical charm and promise for people and business."