Navasota Citizens University

Registration for Citizens University 2024 is now open.  Classes will begin on May 7, 2024 and run through June 27, 2024.  They are held on Tuesdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm at City Hall with the last class on a Thursday for the students to attend a Planning & Zoning Board Meeting.  Students will then attend a City Council meeting on July 8, 2024 to be recognized and presented with graduation diplomas for completion of the class.

Click on the link below to fill out the application or you can stop by City Hall to pick up a paper application as well.  Applications are due by April 16, 2024.  Please feel free to contact City Hall if you have any questions.

Citizens University Application 2024

About the Program

Navasota Citizens University offers residents the opportunity to try their hand as government finance managers, firefighters, police officers, wastewater operators and other officials. Navasota Citizens University participants will get a first-hand look at how government operates and how decisions are made. Citizens University began as a means of helping citizens understand city government operations in areas such as taxes, spending and finance, police and fire, and community zoning policies.

The 8-week program offers interactive "real world" classes that acquaint participants with the inner workings of Navasota City government. The once-a-week classes last for two hours and are taught by representatives from City departments. Students receive the opportunity to learn about setting a budget, tour city facilities, go behind the scenes with police officers, run tests on wastewater, meet animals from our shelter and experience the challenges encountered by firefighters as they save lives. They will also meet with department directors to learn how various departments serve citizens.

Registration is free to the public. The class is open to 15 participants. If classes fill, priority will be given to residents of Navasota. The program ends with a graduation ceremony.

For more information, please call Susie Homeyer or Michelle Savensky at (936) 825-6475. Future program dates are to be determined, so please follow our City Face Book page to keep informed of upcoming classes.